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Simple me. Less talk in reality but talk a lot in my head.


We've known each other as a stranger. Every seconds are counted. Every minutes are ticking. Every hours are leaving us behind. Everyday are obstacles. And every years are memories. Thou time past us by, memory's created. Tons of memories. Our happiness. Our temper. Our distress. Emotional. Millions of things we've been through together as what i call, FRIEND.

Started with camp, continued with hang around. And we befriended through library. We've studied together. Laughed together. Cried together. Quarreled each other. And here we are. Still stick together after a few years. Still remember those "Bilik Nombor 3" and that water machine? Yeah. That's the place we've gathered around. In the library.

We've born to be together. We've born to meet each other. We've born to love each other. We've born to quarrel each other. This is our destiny. This is our fate. This is my dream. All of you, are my second life after my family. You are part of me. Part of my life. Part of my breathe. Part of my heart beat. Part of my everything. Please. Stay with me. You are my best buddies I've ever had. Thou we may forgot each other someday. Thou we may be take a different path. Thou death will set us apart. As long as we believe and remember each other in our heart, we ain't losing anything. I ain't losing you. You ain't losing us. Thanks Allah for find me one's way meeting them especially Aimi, Ameera, Nabeela, Fayyad, Ain, Abid, Ziyad and Hazim and others. Thank you. Friend.